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Ramses Emerson
Ramses Emerson

Jul-20-2007 11:56

Okay, I'm not a newbie, but I've not been able to play for a while. I get back on and there are now themes. What's the difference between the classic and the shady character? Will other themes be unlocked as a character achieves various things - like becoming the big boss of a faction?

Is it possible to create a general locked board where the answers to these sorts of basic questions can be accessed? I know there is the pop-up help thingy, and it is helpful, but there are a lot of questions that yet asked over and over again because there are always new people exploring and learning their way around the site. Maybe this already exists and I just over-looked it. :)


Pinball Amateur

Jul-20-2007 12:23

The classic theme is the one that's pictured when you first sign on, I believe. The shady one is a bit more, well, shady. The other themes are available mostly through the factions, but no, you don't have to become the head of a faction to get one. The process is a great deal simpler than that, but saying what it is is considered spoiler information, so you'll need to find someone who will pm you the info.

As for your question about the basic question info, most of the information you'll need can be found in the Welcome Newbies thread which is stickied at the top of this Board. There's also an FAQ tab at the bottom of the page that might be helpful. These two cover just about all the general info there is in the game. If your question isn't there, you'll prob'ly need to post it on one of the boards.

Hope that helps. ;-)

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jul-20-2007 12:25

Also, if you look at the post under yours, someone brought up an old one about Themes as well.


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