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Faction Points

Scott Doty
Scott Doty

Jul-18-2007 14:09

I've noticed that I'm losing several points a day from the faction I'm working on. I've been hovering in the low 40s for days, despite doing jobs and keeping my faction twist cases positive the majority of the time.

The more experience players in my agency all say that should only be happening to faction heads, which I'm not by a country mile.

I lost 5 points at the flip today. Is this a bug, or a rule none of us know about?


R Anstett
R Anstett

Jul-18-2007 14:19

The higher your standing with a faction the more points you loose at change over. It not just the faction head, but anyone who has the points up in that range.

I believe you can loose 7 or more per day at the higher levels not sure if there is an actual chart that anyone has put together. .

Scott Doty
Scott Doty

Jul-18-2007 14:45

Thanks. I thought I was just crazy!

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