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CONTEST: 50 Words or Less
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Jul-18-2007 14:03

I've been wanting to do some kind of contest for a while now, so here we go. By the way, a huge thanks to Lady Emerald - she knows why. :-)

The rules of 50 Words or Less: Using a given opening line, you must write a story that uses 50 words or less. The opening line does not count toward your word total.

The rules of the contest:

* I will give a total of 5 opening lines. You may choose whichever line(s) you wish to use.

* You may write an entry for as many of the opening lines as you like, but only 1 story for each line. So, your maximum number of entries is 5. If you only like 3 of the opening lines, then write 3 stories. It's up to you.

* If you write multiple stories, they are not required to have anything to do with each other. On the other hand, you may link them into one overall story.

* Your story or stories must make sense. It also should be mystery-related, or be mysterious with a really interesting twist.

* Spelling and grammar DO count. Please. Spellcheck is our friend. (I realise that english is not everyone's primary language. It is usually not difficult to tell the difference between the grammar of someone writing in a not-ingrained language, as opposed to the grammar of someone who is too lazy to learn how to write properly.)

*All entries must be posted no later than 11:59 PM server time on July 28, 2007.

Now, you can't have a contest without prizes, right? Make sure you get those imaginations going! The winner will receive a three-month subscription (compliments of me) and a unique book for their detective (compliments of Ben). Sweet!

Your opening lines:

1. If I'd known how it would all end, I would never have started it.

2. The evidence was there, had anyone bothered to look.

3. Jimmy Donuts was just an old bum.

4. How had things even gotten as far as they had?

5. Tallulah shook her head in denial while her eyes opened wide with horror.



Aug-30-2007 01:08

Okay, as you all may or may not know, Stooby's got a website for his agency, Endeavour Investigations. Why should you care? Because he's got a Writer's Corner, that's why. And because he'd like to put up your entries, properly credited, of course. But he'd like your permission to do so.

So, please, if you would like to have your entry posted on Stooby's site, PM him and give him the okay.


Sleuth About Town

Aug-30-2007 07:33

Here's the link to that site :


Aug-30-2007 12:21

Why didn't I think to add the link!

I wanted to develop writer's corner into a place to display the litterary tallent of Sleuth members. As the site is new all you will find there at the mo are my case intros. Those of you that explore will see the site is a work in progress.

I will over time add some of my own short stories but I'm currently adding content and turning my writing to a couple of biographies that I've been volonteered to write.

I liked the 50 words contest a lot and there were some strong enteries so it would be good to have permision from some of you to add them to the site.

Brasco De Gama
Brasco De Gama
Old Shoe

Sep-15-2007 03:08

I've now added a library to my apartment. If anyone is interested in reading Wax House by Michael Bagen, PM me and I'll give you an invite

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