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Featured Mysteries
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Lady Ruby Caplan
Lady Ruby Caplan

Jul-17-2007 07:33

I think it is great people are trying out Featured Mystery.
However, in my experience, I've find just because you can solve immediate cases, it doesn't mean you can solve immediate Featured Mysteries.

I don't think the level of FM is as exact and a lot depends on the skills you have and the equipment. I also find there is usually more questions you need to ask of someone other that motive/alibi which means they can clam on the essential question you need to ask them.

I am not saying people shouldn't play Featured Mysteries until they're at 1 987 343 experience and have all skills, I am just saying that they're not the same as cases and can be harder.

I remember when the second (or maybe third) Doomsayers came out and many experienced, well equipped detectives whom were sucessfully doing AIs cases had to quit on their first try of this Featured Mystery because one suspect had clammed.
And that FM is nowhere near AI level.

If you are doing FM, be aware that having a few extra skills or some better equipment may go a long way even if you can successfully complete cases that are at the same level. :)


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jul-31-2007 02:44


Remember FMs are not the same as cases and in this one, it is someone with a strong motive. And think who actually committed the crime... did they have a motive? Could they have been a pawn in the game? What monkey business is all of this?

And remember, if you are on your 10th or 11th try and you hate it, never want to see it again, try for the spoilerific walkthrough.

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