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Appearance and such?


Jul-14-2007 20:46

Does appearance, handedness, or the appearance of the crime scene really matter? If so, why?



Ethan Murdock
Ethan Murdock

Jul-14-2007 21:00

The appearance of the suspects (i.e. type of hair, heavy or slim, left or right-handed and male or female) matters a lot! These are the things you have to match the PE with. But you need the appropriate skills to find out:
- if a footprint is from a heavy or slim person
- if a note is from a right- or left-handed person
- if a thread is from male or female's clothes
- if a hair is from a person with curly or straight hair

But the appearance of the crime scene doesn't matter at all. Only what you find there matters.


Jul-14-2007 21:05

Wow! Thank you SO much! That will probably help a ton, too.

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