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Woggs & Ward: Recruitment Office
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Jul-12-2007 10:44

Woggs & Ward is an active but laid-back agency located in the heart of Delhi. We are seeking active and friendly detectives. Both new and experienced agents are welcome - we are very interested in helping new detectives develop, and open to more experienced detectives who can help our agency grow. We have members with all four Delhi PE contacts, and experience with treasure hunts, villain hunts, and the pyramids in Cairo.

Right now, we offer immediate access to Almost Impossible equipment and occasionally extra free cases.

We are also very accommodating and encourage participation in both treasure hunts and villain hunts!

You can PM Cow Ward II, Woggle Woggs, Honey Op or Sunniva if you are interested. Please feel free to contact us with any questions as well.

NOTE: Subscriptions are required to join ANY agency.


Princess Kaitlyn
Princess Kaitlyn

Aug-8-2007 10:57

i need a agency to work at if you are still hiring

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