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Jul-12-2007 07:24

is i t true that if you do a featured mystery you get a free subscription?


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jul-12-2007 07:30

This was taken from his post on the Writer's Workshop Boards.
Here is the link if you want more information:

''Those mysteries that pass editor and admin approval will be listed in the various cities under “scripted mysteries.” We will choose a deserving few from that pool to be listed as “featured.” Only authors of those mysteries listed as "featured" will be awarded subscriptions. '' -Sleuth Admin


Jul-12-2007 08:32

I wouldn't rely on writing a scripted mystery as a way of getting a subscription Snow76. They are long and hard (but fun and rewarding to write) and then they go through a strong editorial process before final approval. Only then does the admin decide if you mystery is worthy of becoming featured (not all do) and then it's up to admin if they give you subscription time as a reward for writing.

It's a good incentive to give it all a go but much better to pay for subscription.

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