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Jul-7-2007 18:48

I finally saved up and got the infamous research skill. The only thing is... it's not working for me. I've done all my mysterties of the day (4 plus favour) and not one single time when i went to city hall to use research could it find anything helpful for me.

Do i need to put on smart gear for it to work? Or is it just random like that, similar to lock picking, where sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt? I don't really know. But i AM wearin smart gear... maybe i need more?

I know research is under smarts, so does that mean my chances of finding things through research will increase if i buy more smart gear?


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jul-7-2007 19:03

If no name turned up when you did research on each of your cases, then you are missing suspects, and need to find the full suspect list!

R Anstett
R Anstett

Jul-7-2007 21:12

As you build your list of suspects you can check with research to see which one will have a valid alibi.

This means you do not need to waste a question asking them their alibi, or verifying it with a townie. Knowing that one of the people who is a liar can not be your suspect helps you be able to ask fewer evidence questions also as you do not need to ask about that person.

As was said if you get no one then there are still people to add to your list, the fortune teller can help you with that also.


Jul-8-2007 00:56

I always use the fortune teller. Every case. It only costs $20 and it guarantees you have a full list.


Jul-8-2007 18:41

Thanks guys, you were right... i didnt fill up my suspect list
(i was doing research FIRST, right after checkin crime scene)
Thanks for your help.. damn i love this board!
sooooooo helpful

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