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Apartment Lodger


Jul-1-2007 20:42

I'd love to be able to invite a colleague to be a "Lodger" or "Housemate", not just a "Guest".

The difference - the Lodger/Housemate has access to the armoires and crates and contents.

Any chance, Mr Sleuth Admin, Sir? Please? Pretty Please?


R Anstett
R Anstett

Jul-2-2007 05:47

I understand the feeling Piccolo, but I think that would be really unbalancing to the game.

It creates little agencies that multiple detectives can be part of, and each detective can be part of many apartments. A detective would have no limit on case files or equipment storage.

Better to have just a small agency or make the previous called for modification to agencies of having ''interns" where they have access to the message boards and nothing else.

Lucky Stiff

Jul-2-2007 06:16

What do interns have to do with being able to have access to someone's apartment equipment?

I would love to see a "roommate" kind of deal, where you can split the extremely high cost of the apartment and each of you have one room you have access to. I think it would make it easier for newer players to get an apartment without giving an advantage of extra storage.

R Anstett
R Anstett

Jul-2-2007 08:10

If I can access your equipment and case files just by your marking me as a "roomate/etc" then I can effectively be in mulitple agencies at once. No need to leave one to join another, just visit the apartment and drop of the gear or case files.

Then the agency that needs the extra cases for a treasure hunt picks them up and uses them. Just a little organization and you can well more than triple the number of cases able to be stored per day and access by multiple people. The ability to change gear in every city alone is a nice boost to solving cases.

I brought up the intern idea again because I think that is what Piccolo is looking for. A way to have only a couple of people have access to case files and equipment but have a larger number of people have access to the message boards. Rather than radically changing how apartments work, a small change for agencies accomplishes that same goal.

Apartments are special and there should be a clear distinction between them and just having a small one person agency.

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