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Iz me Back?
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Al Z
Al Z

Jun-27-2007 06:17


Most of you will be like "Who Dat?" and then move on with your day. To you I say: "Hi. Nice to meet you."

To those of you that remember meeeeeee....LOOK OUT, AL Z MAY BE BACK.

No promises. And here's why. I only left because things are going super-deliciously with my screenwriting career. When I left initially, it was because I was hired as a script editor on my first full length feature for a mid-range production company, and then, unexpectedly, I got hired to do a second one by a completely different company, and this second one looks like it has major legs and could be made (Don't ask when, these things take a year or two just to get the financing sorted).

I also got hired by a computer software company to do some minor writing for them.

I'm sure you can understand when your job is to sit all day at your computer typing, when you have some free time, you don't want to continue sitting at your computer typing. Hence why I left Sleuth. I LOVE this game, as most of you who played with me during my stint know. I was on frickin' every day!

It was nice, once I left, to actually see the sun again. I had forgotten what it looked like. Also, I took up jogging, and got rid of the extra blubber that had been amassing on my body. I am now officially slim and trim again, ladies! And when I say ladies, I am not talking to you Crunchpatty, so don't get any ideas brah! And when I say brah, I am not talking about that harness your wife keeps telling you not to wear, brah!

Anyhoo, the second movie project ended, and my new quest is to use the momentum to acquire an agent and start pitching my own stuff. While that is going on, I should have some time for Sleuth! Wooooo!

So, iz me back? Hard to say. I think I'll be one of those players who pops in, plays real hard, amuses many on these boards I tend to overabuse, mysteriously disappears, then returns again and again to haunt you all!!


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jun-27-2007 14:39

Welcome Back Al....I was scared that the competition between you and me had scared you off ;)

Con Artist

Jul-8-2007 01:02

Iz you back? You iz!!!!!

Welcome back brah!!!

Old Shoe

Jul-8-2007 02:23

Welcome back Alz, if I remember correctly weren't those spies you had trained rats or something? Well welcome back and try not to mess the boards up too much on the first day:P

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