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"Dossier File" (Idea)
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Sir Butcher De Vei
Sir Butcher De Vei

Jun-13-2007 00:46

Well, this is an idea I have had for a while now. Basically, this would list your detective's accomplishments and/or failures (whether basic or advanced)in a dossier file which would be found on your detective page.

Certain labels would be....

Bookworm: Having able to get and read the 13 books in Sleuthville.
Phoenix: Unluckily getting detective retired, and reactivated.
Politician: After being able to gain top spot in every Faction.
Confidence Man: Getting a complete set of contacts in all Cities.
Lucky Loots: Successfully solving the last favor in a Treasure Hunt.
Silver Spoon: Bribed Shady a hundred times.
Ambidextrous: Acquired all the skills in the game.
Sleuth Express: Delivered 500 packages.
Tome Nazi: Reobtaind 500 books for the Library in London.
Tracker: Successfully completed a Villain Hunt.
Master Tracker: Successfully completed 10 Villain Hunts.
Expert Tracker: Successfully completed 50 Villain Hunts.
Gumshoe: When reaching 1,000,000 exp.
Battered Shoe: When reaching 10,000,000 exp.
Old Shoe: When reaching 50,000,000 exp.
Procrastinator: Being idle and not able to spend a total of 100 daily turns in a row.
Tale Weaver: Authors of Scripted and Featured Mysteries.
Co-conspirators: Editors and Moderators of Sleuth.
Vista Bonita: Winners of Beauty Contests.
Colorful Past: Winners of Biography contests.
Yakker: Getting 1,000 posts on the Message boards.
Insurance Salesman: By getting on the ignore list of 10 people.

Notice its not all positive, heck, I wouldnt want to get the Phoenix/Procrastinator or Insurance Salesman labels. The dossier file will give both new and old players alike goals to achieve regardless of exp level. Although we already have goals like these in our mind, the vanity inside some of us might want to have these accomplishments documented somewhere for other people to view or just for personal satisfaction, what better than a Dossier file to compile them all up. What do you guys think?


Sir Butcher De Vei
Sir Butcher De Vei

Jul-19-2007 18:24

Maddie, in theory yep. Up to the detective to aim for whichever title/s he or she wants.

And Rod, Im glad that another Fallout geek (no offense -.-) recognized the inspiration behind this thought. This is based on the 'traits' your character can get in that game, and my favorite then and still is now was being deemed a 'Kama Sutra Master' =). Its fun in the way because it gives you goals to shoot for and keep the game more open ended.

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