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10k book or 12k item?
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Postcard From Heaven
Postcard From Heaven

Jun-3-2007 02:38

i have 14k now, so i have enough to cover possible Fake Accuasation, and a item or a book.

I was thinking about buying the 12k camera that gives 5 smart,
and on the otherside i would want to buy the 10k book of the Order of Socrates.

the item will help me with my crime scene spotting,
but the book can give me skills so it would help my case too ...

i bought that 100 dollar book and it gave at the moment lots of skills, and therefor I would not want to wait with buying books.

But does the 10k book really give lots more exp then that 100 dollar book? (anybody know about how much?

Wich one should I buy? I have about 2300 exp


Sir A. Conan Doyle
Sir A. Conan Doyle

Jun-3-2007 03:17

If you are planning to buy the book for attaining new skill points, you shouldn't buy. This is because, books give a small amount of experience, not skill points; you gain skill points by reaching a certain level of experience. For example, you will get your next skill point at 2400 exp, then 2600, 2800 and so on. And the required exp for a new skill point keep increasing as you reach higher experience (i.e. you will need 40k exp for a skill point after 320k)

The book you are planning to buy will give you only 80-120 exp, which may give you only 1 skill point as you reach 2400. It seems, at the time you bought that book, the requirement for a new skill point was very low for you (10 or 20exp), that's why that book gave you so much skill points.

If you are determined to spend that money, you should buy the camera..

Postcard From Heaven
Postcard From Heaven

Jun-3-2007 05:52

what else should i then buy with it? If I wouldn't spent the money now?
(thought this book would give me more exp since it costs a lot more then my first one)

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