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EyeSpyonage: NY in need of members!
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May-29-2007 07:55

Newbies and old hands alike..

Set up by 2 former members of Eye Spy, EyeSpyonage is a sister agency to the *ahem* no1 agency in sleuthville (sorry I couldn't help it :P ) and we are looking for new members to recruit.

We are located in a refurbished mansion in NY and currently have plenty of room for new faces.

No expectations, no pressure..just pure fun. We are only 4 days old and would LOVE some help building up the agency. Promotional prospects are definitely possible, with the right amount of attitude and loyalty.

Travelling expenses and new equipment included.

Please send a message to me or garbes if interested.

ps If you are an unsubscribed member, and thinking of subscribing, then do send me a PM and i will send u a discount coupon ;) Happy sleuthing everyone!



Jun-7-2007 17:00

Call for any role players out there.

Old Shoe

Jun-14-2007 06:16

We have room for 1 more if anyone is interested. :) and as AmazingAmanda says, she would like someone interested in role playing.

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