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Blood and Dagger: Delhi (Recruiting)

Sir Butcher De Vei
Sir Butcher De Vei

May-26-2007 22:14

Yes, that's right! There are a few spots open in our Delhi office and we are looking for active, enthusiastic and great people out there whether new or old to join our team.

We are a bunch of happy-go-lucky-take-it-easy bundle of fruits that whatever your style, you are sure to enjoy the lemon scented agency atmosphere. Treasure seekers and lovers are preferred as we usually go on these hunts regardless if we succeed or fail.

There is a 3k sign up bonus available to the Rookies who decide to join, and since the Agency is in Delhi, we would pay for your travel ticket here, not to mention the free pens and reams of paper sitting on a brand new oak desk waiting just for YOU!. And oh, you also get cookies. Lots of em. Heart shaped cookies.

So, come one, come all. Join our cool and goodlooking (at least mama says so =p) group today. Get your contacts, sunbathe in the sand and get stuck in traffic behind the occasional cow right here in Delhi. Join us today!


Sir Butcher De Vei
Sir Butcher De Vei

Jun-2-2007 19:33

*shameless bump*


We have a couple of slots open. Dont worry, its a magic slot, so even if youre a square peg, youd still fit in our round hole!

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