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a tour in an agency


Oct-9-2004 03:39

I had planed to buy an agency for the sole purpose of storing equipment. Then an idea came to me. Since I will have some empty slots, why not open it up for newbies to have a tour. They can have an idea of what they can do in an agency. You can come in and have a look, get an idea of how detectives can help one another or how the treasure hunt is played etc. After that you can decide whether you want to start an agency on your own or join one.

Here are some details:
1. You had to be a subscriber! Donít complaint to me! I donít own this site.
2. Only 2 detectives can be admitted at any one time.
3. You will have access to all sections of the agency except the locker. I will open a treasure hunt whenever I can.
4. I had not set a limit for the number of days you can stay but I may do so in the future if the response is good.
5. You donít have to pay me a single cents. Although I wonít mind at all if you like to make some contribution. I can use it to pay the daily rent.
6. You need to have a minimum experience of 1000. I just feel that you should get yourself familiar with the basic case solving first. This is the only criteria.
7. If you are looking for some real action in the treasure hunt, this is not the place for you. I wonít be looking for specific contacts. So you may find all 4 guys having tailor contact!
8. If you are interested, please leave a post at this message board. DONíT message me.
9. I wonít be answering all the request. If you didnít hear from me. It means no slot is available. I will put you on a waiting list. Please remember that I am also a paying subscriber like you guys. I gain nothing from this.



Oct-9-2004 21:00

Delvin- Thought I would post this in both places, I subscribed today so would like to take advantage of your offer, if it is still good.. Let me know :)

Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow

Oct-11-2004 15:38

I would like to join. i'm a newbie but i've solved 10 cases without fail

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