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3 FA and starting over
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Botsie Boots
Botsie Boots
Old Shoe

May-22-2007 12:56


I was Remi Steele, now Botsie Boots...I guess I started all this about how things work...what I was attempting to say is if you start over as a new detective you do start with nothing...basically you still lose everything by starting over...because you have nothing...if you make 3 FA you lose alot of points and cash...(in different categories)...but you still lose almost confusion was others say starting over is better then reactivating and this is what I dont get...losing everything for starting over vs. losing some things by reactivating...


Raven X
Raven X

May-22-2007 13:09

Remi/Botsie, for you, starting over may have been a better or easier choice. sometimes people do not make wise decisions when purchasing their skills and would be better off starting fresh and being able to choose your skills better.

But for someone who has a couple of million points and near to all the skills, it is much much better to reactivate and keep the skills even while losing money and experience.

You had a small amount of experience, so it really did not hit as hard as someone like Biggie who is over 10 million now. After putting more than a year into your detective, you do not want to have to start all over again from scratch.

Lucky Stiff

May-22-2007 13:51


don't even talk about it! ID DIE!

*throws salt over her shoulder and bows to the Sleuth Gods*

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