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clothing/equipment reagarding archetype


Apr-17-2007 23:16

Although I’m reading the Newbie topics frequently I’m still a bit irritated regarding what clothing is the best referring to my archetype.

I’m a smart and charming detective (still unsub). My actual skill adjustments are: T=-5, S=6, C= 16. I have all Charming skills except ”judge of character” and all smart ones except “advanced hair analysis”, which is the next one I’m going for.

Does it make sense to raise my charm adjustments (with favour equipment) but at the same time my smart adjustments will decrease? Is it that when I have all my smart skills that I always find the PEs at the crime scene? And would that mean that the chance to get the PEs with further details like heavy/slim do pop up independent of my smart skill adjustments? Or do I still need a specific level on smart to get those details?

Sometimes I look at more experienced detectives just to check what gear they have. And one example showed that a smart and charming detective (subscribed) has smart = -2, charm = 28. So I’m wondering whether I can take the favour given equipment with a lots of charm points without considering my smart points.


Battered Shoe

Apr-17-2007 23:32


You should definitely have smart equipment to search your crime scenes which gives you a better chance of determining the details behind your evidence. And you also need your charming gear in order to persuade suspects and townies to talk to you.

For being unsubbed and not in an agency, you probably have a pretty good mix of gear.

The detectives that you are looking at that have 20+ on either smart or charming equipment are most likely in an agency. Agencies provide equipment lockers where you can store gear. What most of us do, is store our "smart" gear in the locker and put it on before we search a crime scene. Then we switch back to our charming or tough clothes before we start questioning people.

This is a big advantage of being subscribed and joining an agency.... access to the equipment locker (along with a number of other advantages mentioned in the sticky posts).

So maybe you should consider :)


Apr-17-2007 23:46

Thanks nicnic.
And as you said to consider subscribing, I'm thinkink about. Unfortunately it's not the time for me now. But the time will come.....I'm really looking forward to it....

Pinball Amateur

Apr-18-2007 01:00

Like Nic said, your gear actually looks fairly good, considering you're not in an Agency, and can't go changing it.

As for the evidence questions you've got, if the only smart skill you're missing is Adv. Hair Analysis, then you're able to SEE all of the evidence at a crime scene now. Identifying it (slim or heavy foot, straight or curly hair, etc.) is another story. Because you don't have the Adv. Hair Anal. yet, you're not gonna get any hairs id'ed further than a plain ol' generic hair, but they WILL show up if they're there.

Having higher smart stats with your gear increases the likelihood of being able to identify your evidence, but right now, I'd say having the high charm value is more important. When I travel, I don't go with any smart stuff on me, and I tend to have pretty good luck id'ing evidence (and I'm at -3 for smarts in my standard outfit). It does tend to get easier as you get more experience under your belt, but all in all, I'd say you're doing pretty well right now!! ;-)


Apr-18-2007 01:20

I will just have to say... Listen to this advice it is very good!
If you were in an agency you would change between max smart outfit and max charm outfit.

But in your situation it is better to have more charm then smart. Not all the evidence will be ID'd, but you will find it all.
And with a charming outfit, your interview skills work the best.


Apr-21-2007 05:16

Thanks to all of you - that really helps me. And there is only 1 skill point left beeing able to get advanced hair analysis ....hurray, likely just another 3-4 case

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