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A Question About Saving Money


Apr-13-2007 16:50

I'm sort of a newbie and was wondering if there was anyway to save money for example at the bank or something. I was wondering because I recently saw a post that implied the poster had money saved somewhere (a bank maybe.) So was just wondering, any advice would be great thanks.

-Happy :)


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Apr-13-2007 16:58

The person that posted they had money saved was right. She is the director of an agency. You can deposit money into the agency safe to save money for FA's and other expnses. You must be subscribed to do this.

As far as I know there is no way you can go the bank and deposit money.

Since you are unsubscribed, the best reccomendation would to be to save money by solving your cases and by solving your favor that you get every day from a townie. When you solve a favor for the townie, they will give you an item, you can sell that item and earn the cash instead.

Hope that helps and good luck!


Apr-13-2007 17:10

Thanks that answered my question :)

Pinball Amateur

Apr-14-2007 14:47

There's been talk of asking to make the bank more 'useful' by opening it up to make accounts and so forth, just like a real bank. So far, that hasn't happened, and there don't appear to be any signs of it coming into reality anytime soon. There have been requests for things similar to it going back a couple of years.

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