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Ideas to Extend Hunts
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Sep-29-2004 13:19

Making hunts last longer and evening the playing field seems to be a huge topic of conversation around here. I have a few ideas, lets see what everyone thinks.



Sep-29-2004 14:47

1. i like this idea. as opposed to immediately after the last hunt.. excellent thought

2. is OK, but the longer period and extra favours still plays into the teams hands who are always on at the right time etc.. the others are still going to have to struggle through - it will jsut take longer to lose! lol

3. i dont like that.

4. Another good idea - but if an agency has just had a purge and gets in a load of rookies, they may still be considered a large agency, but not have the experience..

5. that is an interesting concept too..

some thought provoking options elven..

Old Shoe

Sep-29-2004 15:00

1. Like the idea!

2. Don't like it. It seems too hard then.

3. Not a fan of that idea.

4. LOVE the idea. It would level the playing field.

5. Not too sure if I like this idea.

Mike Mitchell 2
Mike Mitchell 2

Sep-30-2004 20:03

Hello I have an idea:

How about the "Satisfactory system".
Each witness gets a figure that represents how they feel you have been solving cases around Sleuthsville. As you solve cases for them their stats go up. Until you get to a certain degree then they will give you the info or key that you are looking for. After this happens the counter resets to 0 or maybe 3 for a contact and you will have to do favors all over again before you can get info from that person.

The only bad side to this really is that cases will take longer to solve but that is also a good thing because the cases being solved in 25 mins prob will no longer happen.

Mike Mitchell 2
Mike Mitchell 2

Sep-30-2004 20:05

By the way love the idea with seperate hunts, I think that will work along with making special items only that can only be earned on the first try of that hunt.

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