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What happens is I accuse the guitly person without sufficient evidence?

Shane Conrad
Shane Conrad

Apr-1-2007 17:51

So far (my first 12 cases) I was very diligent making sure I have the evidence, but I was tempted to find out what will happen if I will just rely on my instinct. Unfortunatelly my competitive nature doesn't allow me to risk that :-). I am sure there is an answer and someone can tell me. Thanks in advance for satisfying my curiousity!


Washed Up Punter

Apr-1-2007 18:17

If you try that and guess wrong, a false accusation goes on your record. If you get three of these, your detective gets retired and you have start over with a new detective. That includes the name you've chosen and any cash or gear that you've gotten.

You can bring yourself back to life via the link at the login screen, but at a loss. At your stage of Sleuthing development, it would probably be best to just start over if that were to happen.

This is not the time to try to use the 'Force', Shane. You guess wrong and you must pay. And pay. And pay. You can get your false accusations erased from your record by visiting this horrible little Shady character who hangs out in the bar. He can take care of up to two false accusations - but at a price.


Apr-1-2007 22:05

Listen to Treschaude. It's not worth it.

But, in answer to your question, if you guess right, you catch the guy (or girl, you get the point). As long as he isn't your client, you'll get paid and your reputation will remain intact.

Don't guess!!!

Shane Conrad
Shane Conrad

Apr-2-2007 06:51

Thank you Ladies for your answers. I am not going to try that; I was just curious if I guess right if the guilty will not admit to the crime seeing that I have little or nothing on him or her.

"See" you on the job :-)

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