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Multiple Accounts in an Agency
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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Sep-27-2004 11:21

I want to open up discussion about whether somebody should be allowed to have more than one detective in an agency, and if so, how many.

The official policy is that no more than one detective from any single IP address is allowed in a given agency. I haven't been particularly clear on the issue, nor have I enforced it particularly vigorously, so it's understandable that a lot of people didn't realise that was the rule. If we continue with that rule, I should probably at least add a more obvious notice to the "Invite Detective" screen.

The argument for having a limit is that it is a competitive advantage to have several agents controlled by a single person, because it makes coordinating on hunts easier.

Some points:

1) No system for identifying multiple accounts is 100% accurate. Some people have accounts at work and at home, some have dynamic IP addresses that switch, some have shared IP addresses, where different people at different locations can look like the same address to me.

2) There are a few instances of where players share a computer. For example, Sunny and I both play from home, and therefore the same IP address.

3) Some people have multiple detectives just for the fun of it, and don't use that to competitive advantage. There are a few of the smaller, less competitive agencies where users have more than one detective. they just enjoy being able to share items and cases between detectives and rarely even get involved in hunts.

4) A lot of agencies share passwords. In those cases, somebody may log in with their teammate's accounts often. If they do that, it can look like they are coming from the same IP address, depending on when I look.

So, let me know. How would you like this issue handled? Should there be a limit to the number of agents from a single IP address in an agency? If so, what should it be? Should the game enforce that limit, or should I do it by hand? Should the limit apply to non-competitive agencies?


Dr. Falco Maltese
Dr. Falco Maltese

Oct-3-2004 20:52

Well, I can now report on my experience working for about 15 hours yesterday almost entirely by myself. I had my two characters as well as the log ons for others in my agency - I had access to as many cases as I could solve plus all four evidence contacts.

It was a LOT of work, and it wasn't that much fun. I missed my fellow sleuths, and even though at one point we were leading on one or two of the hunts, I had to watch them all slip away from us, even though I had done about seven favors for the hunts - not counting the favors I did which weren't relevant for the hunts.

So I think the changes in the hunts have made them hard enough that one person would have to be lucky to be able to win one alone, even with an entire agency full of cases and contacts at his or her disposal.

However, I /would/ still like to lobby for a choice of which hunt to apply the favor to. Right now, here I am am, on by myself again, and we are at 0% on all three hunts. Two of them require the Fortune Teller to start. If I should get lucky enough to get the Fortune Teller for a favor, I'd like to be able to ask him for help on the hunt that other agencies aren't as far ahead on, but since we were signed up first for the hunt that another agency is currently at 50% on, I think the Fortune Teller would automatically tell us about that one.

Truly, if one were in this situation in life, wouldn't an agent ask about the treasure hunt he or she were most interested in?

I don't think this option would be very complicated to add - Ben, would it be?

But I think lots of us would really like it!



Oct-4-2004 15:01

I have been in the same position as Dr Falco, and I agree wholeheartedly - being able to choose the case to apply the favour to would help.

I perosnally would rather start a hunt that someone is 20% on rather than use a favour on a case where someone is 80% because it was there first.

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