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New Year's Misfortune
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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Mar-24-2007 02:12

I wanted to say a big thank-you and congratulations to ShadowChii. She was the first author to submit a completed scripted mystery through the Writer's Workshop, and I'm very please with the results.

You give try out her handywork in London's newest Featured Mystery:
New Year's Misfortune.

Also, thanks to Editor Jojo for turning this around so quickly.

I don't say it often enough, but without the Mods and Editors, this place would completely fall apart. You guys rock!


Yarn Weaver

Mar-29-2007 11:12

Yes, it is a bug. I originally had the hair as a piece of physical evidence, which makes the barber question appear by default. However, this prevented the "straight" part from showing up, so when I submitted it, the editors changed the evidence type to other, so "straight hair" could display instead of just "hair". This means there is no analyze this hair question by default. Now that the mystery is public, I can't edit it. It is solvable without this, but you must pay close attention to the witness information given by the suspects.

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