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Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Mar-21-2007 06:34

I was wondering if lockpicking was a good skill to purchase. I searched it and got many opinions of its usefulness. I will do this with all skills I am interested in because those points are hard to come by. My advise to all is to search these message boards BEFORE you buy. Thanks to everyone for sharing all this information!



Mar-21-2007 06:43

In my opinion, lockpicking is VERY useful. One of the first skills I would buy. Works every time on two suspects per case and saves you a question.

Battered Shoe

Mar-21-2007 09:31

You're right, Sophie, there is a wealth of information on these boards, and the new search function makes it so easy to access. We are always happy to answer questions on the boards, but I think it makes for a deeper learning experience when people try to find answers themselves first.

And yeah, lockpicking is super-useful!

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