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Suspect problem
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Jewels Galore
Jewels Galore

Sep-26-2004 10:38

two suspects,each have a witness and a clue left at the scene for each of them. Suspects all clammed up so with no furhter line of enquiry- went for the one who had thread caught under the deceased's nail.
Turned out to be the wrong person - should've gone for the guy with the footprint. help! How do u solve it?


Dr. Falco Maltese
Dr. Falco Maltese

Oct-4-2004 18:53

Okay, I put the question to Ben on the Subscriber Customer Service Board, and here was his response:

"I have never found a record of such a case in the database."

To which I replied:

"Okay, then I stand corrected. I /am/ sometimes playing awfully late at night, and who knows what evil tricks lurk in a tired brain.

But if I ever think I find such a case again, I'll have you check it over for me!

Thanks for the response, Ben."

*willing to admit a mistake*

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