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Possible Variations to Sleuth


Sep-26-2004 03:41

This probably will sound bizzare, but I think it would be interesting if each day change also bought a change of contacts for each agent. Also, I had thought about a tournament of champions, where any interested agency antes a certain amount to the overall 'purse' and their champion must complete a favor for all 10 shopkeepers. This would be strictly on a time-needed-to-complete basis, so each participant could start at his/her own time. At the end of the week, the fastest time wins the pot and the points for his/her agency.


Lisa Carol Freemont
Lisa Carol Freemont

Sep-26-2004 03:53

I very much like the idea of a tournament it brings a bit more of healthy competition into the game. Regarding the first suggestion I'd like to be able to change a contact but only if skill is involved.

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