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Case difficulty, rewards, costs


Mar-9-2007 03:05

Well...I did find it satisfying to solve a really really hard case; but it has cost me way more than I made with it.

So, my question is: when is it reasonable to move to the next level? And, does EXPERIENCE have any effect on the actions the detective does, or are only the skills and skill modifiers important?

Should I, in case I go broke, solve a few easy cases where I don't need to bribe just everyone? I mean, I don't see a pattern - does case difficulty affect the # of skill points you get? I want those :D


Lucky Stiff

Mar-9-2007 05:43

I think moving to the next level is a personal preference issue. There are some that will cost more than the reward, but to me, that's worth it in the short run because it will help you gain skill points faster, thus making it easier.

Your experience does not affect the difficulty of the case itself, the only thing that affects it is your skills, equipment and in a small way, whatever agency status bonus you may have.

If you go broke, its not a bad idea to solve a few easier cases just to get money, but know that you will take the hit on the skill points. The more experience you get, the longer it takes in between skill points.


Mar-9-2007 06:22

Case rewards are not all that great, except for the experience points. Most of your income will come from the favor cases, which only go as high as Incredibly Hard, but the reward is much much higher than a regular IH case.

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