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Bella Mafia is looking for some new blood!!!
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Belle Star
Belle Star
Washed Up Punter

Mar-8-2007 18:39

We're an established agency based in New York. We've got one opening available for a new or not-so-new detective. We will give you a sign-on bonus and pay any travelling expenses needed.

We have a great group of detectives including:
A clown, a smart-ass and a drooler!!! We help each other out, but more importantly, we have FUN!!!

What we will provide:

* An active and fun group of detectives
* Help with questions, experience and anything else you may need
* Travel costs to New York

What we would like from you:
* Active player, at least 4 days per week
* Someone who is honest and trustworthy
* Someone who will be a team player

If your interested in joining a fun agency, PM me or cenoecox and we'll send you an invite.



Mar-19-2007 07:54

Unidentified, there are sleuth players from all over the world, including Asia.

Your subscription will only fail if you don't keep it current.

J & Silent Bob
J & Silent Bob

Mar-20-2007 00:06

New blood u want? Look no farther. I play almost every day, have a sick sense of humor, and ready to make that paper. If u like what u hear, I'm here.


Mar-20-2007 05:52

heyaaa, is there any more room? for me that is:)) please let me kno

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