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learning skills

Berry Polter
Berry Polter

Mar-4-2007 12:15

If my detective is very smart can I learn skills that are for tough or charming people?
Will they be just as effective?
and can I buy an office without subscribing?
Who is that Lucy girl that I'm not supposed to talk with?She is mentioned in a few threads.
Does the bonus wich is aquired from items counts, because 1% seems like almost nothing and a waste of money.



Mar-4-2007 15:57

1. Yes u can buy tough or charming skills. Their effectiveness will increase with proper equipment. I recomend that u pick either charming or tough interview skills and build your wardrobe accordingly.

2. No agencies (i.e. office) without subing. Sorry.

3. Do a search for Big Lucy on the boards and read the newbie FAQ. It will answer your questions about her.

4. Equipment from the shop is not worth it. You wil get better equipment when you do favors and eventually AI cases. Also from the factions.


Mar-5-2007 07:57

5. Read the welcome newbies thread and the newbie FAQ. All the answers are there and much more :)

Berry Polter
Berry Polter

Mar-5-2007 12:36

thanks a lot

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