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Feb-18-2007 20:10

Yeah, I screwed up and put my question as a reply to someone else's thread so here's basically just a repeat of what I asked in the first place.

Anyways, I'm a newbie about 2 weeks in with a good handle on the basics. Pretty soon I'll be looking into the particulars about detective agencies. Right now though I want to ask about the inherent value of buying an apartment for my detective(the plusses, the minuses, blah, blah, blah). Also, is that initial $80,000+ a one time fee or is there any daily costs.

Thanks guys!



Feb-18-2007 20:38

Apartments are fun! :) And the $80K is a one time fee. So far there are no maintance fees that apply.

I'm surprised you haven't been snagged up into some agnecy yet! Apartments will give you a place to possibly store items and/or files, or you can have a private message board. It all depends on your money situation and desires.

I've sent you a PM to a link that has a little more info about them if you need it. Mainly, the apartments are a great way to spend the extra cash after you've maxed out your other needs.

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