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Political points have stopped depleting

Timothy Hong
Timothy Hong

Sep-20-2004 01:05

My politics used to be around in the mid-30s, but I'm trying to switch factions. So I stopped doing those 'little jobs', and the points degarded for several days.

But I've noticed that they've stayed at 10, -10, -9 for a while now and haven't degraded any more.

Can I expect my politics to degrade to 0, 0, 0 by itself? or do I have to start picking and choosing cases?



Sep-20-2004 01:45

You're going to have to pick and choose, which will accelerate the process. Good luck to you!


Sep-20-2004 12:32

the points wont go under 10. if u wish to go futher u need to do the right cases.

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