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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Feb-17-2007 10:38
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Please keep all posts and replies in character



Feb-22-2010 22:19

The woman known only as Dellilah stepped hesitantly into the room, her wooden-heeled shoes making a loud clack-clack-clack at the floor. She found the place too crowded for her liking; but having heard somewhere that a gathering of important people was ongoing, she decided to stay and see it for herself.

Her observing glance jumped from one face to another. She knew no one here, and perhaps no one here had heard of her either, and that was excellent. From a comfortable corner, away from the sights of many, she saw jewelry and makeup, tall hairdos, metal-tipped canes and dark Hungarian moustaches.

Many of these people seemed smart and opulent, and deliciously attractive. Dellilah had considered wearing an uninteresting frock, but was thankful she had donned her best attire, an emerald green gown that she had custom made from Paris.

She helped herself to some champagne from one of the tables, not minding whose it really was. The owner may become angry at her, but that was perfectly fine. No better way to catch another person's attention than through his (or her) temper.

Casually, she sat herself at another table, and watched the people going about. For the first time in many months, she was stumped about where to start. So many beautiful people, so little time. Whose heart was she going to shatter first?

Norah Noir
Norah Noir

Apr-6-2011 12:34

There are days, and there are days, I tell myself as I duck through the crowd. Ex-cops and smugglers, tradesmen and socialites-- and a few other snoops like me. I notice a famous jazz singer deep in conversation with a dapper old gent who looks just off the boat from the old country. Tonight, everyone's here.

Which would be great, if I wasn't looking for someone. But I got a tip from Larry that she was here. He may be an outrageously creative extortionist-- and sorely in need of a bath-- but in my line of work, you get good at judging people's characters, or what they have of one. Larry wasn't lying. She's here. She's got to be.

Back when I was an investigative reporter, before the story that was too big, that nobody wanted to read-- the one that got me thrown off the paper and nosing for truth on the streets-- I had a saying. When things got too hot, when I was running from the mob or avoiding another kidnap attempt, I'd remind myself that truth was a noble thing. Now, I'm not so sure. I see the damage people do to one another every day in Truth's name. I wonder if my job is more of a damage than a help.

But then I meet someone else who needs closure, or safety, or a reason to hold on. So I keep on. I keep searching, and finding out. I keep looking for that shred of comfort in a dark and discomforting world. And I remember that when I find it for them, maybe I'll find it for me, too.

She's here. She's got to be. Maybe I'll finally find her tonight.

But in the meantime, I'll catch up with a few people I know. I'll head to the bar and buy a decent drink. I'll find a seat in a corner somewhere, away from the bright lights, tinkling glasses and smooth jazz. Somewhere in the shadows, where the untold secrets wait.

And I'll watch these lonely people, drinking in happiness like fine, smooth whiskey while they have the chance.

Shaerken Changeheart
Shaerken Changeheart

Mar-11-2012 17:12

::One hand moved deftly, pushing aside a cobweb. The joint had definitely seen better times.

Dark eyes swept across the room::

**Well, lass, if no one decides to hire you as a gumshoe, perhaps you can get a job cleaning up here.**

::Turning slowly to take in the full view, a deep contralto luxuriated through the air::

"Aye, then .. anyone here?"

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Mar-19-2012 10:18

The empty glass clunked as I set it down from the table, swallowing the last of my whiskey.

"Who's asking?" I said, from the darkest corner of the building. "I'm here and very few are still around. This place is a ghost town."

Detective Hong Pin
Detective Hong Pin

Mar-25-2013 20:41

Hong Pin slowly walks into the room. The room was bare and cowebs everywhere. The place was empty, the exception being the bartender who never leaves. He swipes away the cowebs on a seat and ordered a couple shots of Gin and Juice, avoiding the addiction that nearly killed him for 10 years. He wonders if this empty room will be filled with people once again.

Pinball Amateur

Jul-18-2017 03:00

Liaam the outsider among the famous sleuth in the room come in with his charming smiles. Ben, the Sleuth Admin kindly ask him to the stage and Liaam adjusted his golden turban before he goes up. After shakes the Sleuth Admin hand gracefully and politely as an ex-lawyer does, Liaam goes back of the theatre and watch admirably the other sleuths.

Sandtuu Sdteep
Sandtuu Sdteep

Mar-24-2018 20:33

Sandtuu Sdteep enters with an air of frustration, but just a slight one.

*nods at admin*

His shadowy eyes raise as he spies Armas coming down from the stage. "Anybody got a flask? Or better yet, does this place have a bar? I could use a perfectly shaken classic sidecar."

Shady Gray
Shady Gray

May-15-2021 03:43

A commotion out in the hallway causes everyone to turn see what the fuss is all about. Raised voices - something about a murder.

Unnoticed, Shady Gray slipped into the room by a side entrance and casually took a seat at Admin's table.

His kind of entrance.

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