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Improving Your Detective


Feb-14-2007 05:25

Ok 1st off hi everyone.;)

Now for the my question, what steps should i take in improving not only my detective but also my own abilities at solving cases etc.

This is the skills i have at the moment.
*Judge of Character
*Sweet Talking
*Stress Detection
*Rule Bending
*Hair Analysis
*Thread Analysis
Is there a skill i should really be trying to get next that i should already have by now, i was going to go for either hand writing analysis or lock picking.

Is there any tips anyone can give me on anything, if so please let me know i'm in need of as much info as possible.

I have been reading and will continue to read through the threads to try to learn as much as i can before moving on to my next case tomorrow.

So far i have quit 5 cases and solved 14 cases, also i have paid the shady guy twice and had to get my detective out of retirement once, this was before reading anything and do not wish to make any other silly mistakes like them lol.


Old Shoe

Feb-14-2007 05:28

Choose wich type of interrogation technique you will use. (tough or charm)
I'd advise handwriting analysis over lockpicking at your stage of development.

Battered Shoe

Feb-14-2007 07:16

This was lifted directly from cfm's Welcome Newbies! thread, which can be found here:


Every detective is different has another strategy. But you will need a combination of interview skills and smart skills.
No one can tell you exactly which skill you will enjoy the most. But the general opinion is:
1. Get the basic smart skills (hair and thread) - without those you cant find all the evidence.
2. Get either charm or tough interview skills to begin with. Later you can try both, but its not recomended before you have most skills.
3. Get research! and if you can- lockpicking.
4. Wait with faction skills till you have most basic skills. The faction skills arent necessary in order to solve a case.
4a. The only exception to the waiting on faction skills is Green Hand's Pugilism for the tough detectives which for all intents and purposes is tough's version of flirting. Other than that one exception it is best to wait before purchasing faction skills.
5. Dont get safe cracking unless you are in an agency.
6. Dont get judge of character unless you have both charm and tough interview skills (not for beginners).
7. Read the other threads that begin with this topic..."WHICH SKILL SHOULD I GET NEXT?"


Feb-14-2007 17:28

Yup i was thinking han writing analysis aswell, coz i have enough way's to find info out about the suspects but not enough skills for clues so i will try to get the analysising skills up to max then go back to other skills.

Thanks for that post AraLives, it was very interesting and one that i will think about each time before i purchase a new skill.

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