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Ode to My Missing Mind
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Ceana Craig
Ceana Craig

Sep-16-2004 10:30

Good-bye Mind. You once were my dearest friend; my grandest ally. I visited the lost and found, but alas, there was no sign of my sanity. The doctor spoke the term "inferiority complex" and yet kept flipping through the pages of works by someone - was it Jung?

None of my suspects are happy to see me. Even the ones who smile at me are thinking, "Why doesn't she just go away! I don't want her in my home!!" I fear I may be saying too much. ::eyes dart back and forth::

I find daggers flung at me around every corner. The world turns a putrid shade of grey when the postman comes to call. I've even thought about buying a car. I break-out in cold sweats when I hear a train. I see men dressed in non-descript suits lurking on every street corner.

Lately, I've become afraid of the drinks people ply me with. Even as I slumber, things seem to melt and transform before my much-used, ocular orbs. I once heard of a drug... easily slipped into a martini or even soda water.

If I were my mind, wither would I wander? Why would I stray? Would I return?


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Aug-26-2007 15:39

It has some poetic like qualities LOL

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