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Old Shoe

Feb-4-2007 23:55

The quotable missus, during the final quarter of the Super Bowl:

"Don't talk to me like I'm stupid, I get it so shut up. This is the last down, and a down is like a chance. If they don't move ten yards in the direction they want to go in four chances they lose possession of the ball. There a four quarters in a game. Stop laughing; you're laughing at me. Shut up. How many downs til they get the new quarterback? Oh that man caught the ball even though he wasn't a Chicago player, now he's running the other way. I think Indianapolis will win this game."

*will let this settle before he complicates things with CFL rules*

heard anything quotable lately?


Lucky Stiff

Jan-18-2008 04:43

oh crunchpatty!! i went to that website and ... 'I think my iPod's gay" HAHAHAHAH!!!!!

here's mine:

"you're an anaesthetist? i thought you were a doctor!"


Old Shoe

Feb-16-2008 00:16

The quotable ditzy kid running the alterations booth at my local ultra-trendy yoga-gear purveyor, while trying to buy my short brother some new pants so that he doesn't go to his pilates class in jeans anymore:

Me: Can you alter these to a 29 inch inseam?

Her: Did you try them on?

Me: They're not for me.

Her: We really try to encourage customers to try on the pants. It's better.

Me: Yeah but I'm not a customer, really. I'm buying these for my brother. He's Pretty short. Can you just make a mark to indicate that I want them to have a 29 inch inseam?

Her: Yeah totally!

*she measures*

Her: Ok!

Me: That's not gonna work. That's actually a 32 inch inseam.

Her: *gets out measuring tape again* Okay how long did you want it again?

Me: 29 inches please.

Her: On both legs?

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