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Sleuth cat friends
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Feb-2-2007 16:20

I always had a thing for cats. I guess it all started in the days I had my imaginary pet firned named Fluffy. Or did I just imagine that I imagined that? :-)))

Anyway, over the span of years I had numerous cats. Mostly from people who wouldn't/couldn't sterilize their cats and periodically were confronted with the trumendous task of looking for volunteers to adopt the newly born kittens.

Other cat lovers here at Sleuthville who want to share their cat experiences here at the boards?

Right now I'm "catless" so I fear Fluffy can show up any day now..... :-))



Feb-11-2007 22:39

See Crunch, you poked fun at big bad Liam...betcha could use him around your place! Mice never dare to step foot in our house because they know what will happen.

(This doesn't stop them from crawling around in the 150 year old basement and getting stuck and rotting in the heating vent, though...but that is another story)

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