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Jan-27-2007 14:56

For all sleuthians out there who would like to share their talents, the only challenge i pose is to keep it sleuth related.



Jan-27-2007 14:59

Ode to Treasure
From the HH

Looking for treasure can be exciting.
Treasures lost in cities unknown.
Where is the treasure we should be finding,
Shanghai, New York, Delhi, or London?

Which faction has had it last?
Who knows, finding it is a blast.
Could it be the Green Hand?
Maybe we should go ask that man.

How about the Circle of Light?
It could be, but we might have to book a flight.
Could it be with the Eastern Triads?
We might need to find an ass.

Maybe it’s with the Dies Arcanum Brotherhood.
We should go have a look.
Let’s ask La Cosa Nostra.
Maybe they would know, uh...

And we can’t forget the Order of Socrates.
They just might be a tease.
After all, we do have to ask the townies,
“Do you know about this treasure, please.”

R Anstett
R Anstett

Jan-27-2007 15:02

very nice

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