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Another function for the bank
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Dark Raven
Dark Raven
Trusted Informer

Jan-26-2007 12:25

Greetings all.

Now that appartments are available, a lot of people are saving their money. The one thing you don't have (as far a I know) is a place to put your money. I know the option to buy a safe was mentionned but with every city having a bank, would'nt it make sense to be able to rent safe deposit boxes?

Let me know what you guys and gals think.



Sleuth About Town

Jan-27-2007 16:31

I like the idea of being able to put some money in the bank and earn interest on it. It would be another way to earn some money outside of favors.


Jan-28-2007 04:55

Excellent ideas, indeed. I especially like the option to take loans, as I think most of the detectives who retired were carrying two FAs and couldnt afford to pay them off.


Feb-24-2007 04:55

Sure, let's see, we would have a bank, depositing rates and loaning rates. And maybe credit cards lol!
We should also add living expenses for unsubscribed members like us (and everyone);), so it slowly eats us away and we're forced to make money.
Finally, collect taxes to insure the deposits of the bank :D. You can choose to pay or not to pay, but if you're found out that you've been skimping, then you'll really have to pay :). It'll make it a lot more fun. Even unsubs could become a Sleuth loan shark(then maybe subscribe.)

Con Artist

Feb-25-2007 23:55

Here here! I do hope to see some of these features included in later updates/expansions of Sleuth I, or perhaps in Sleuth II. It would add immensely to the entertainment and variety of gameplay and storyline.


Mar-4-2007 05:02

Sure, there are lots of interesting stuff that could be added.
1) There could be random accidents that happen. For example, your detective is down with the flu or something, forcing him to pay a certain amount of $ in fees to the Doctor(if he doesn't, he has a chance of getting better, but if he gets worse he'll have to pay more $ later on). Some of the twists could also partially injure the detective. We could come up with something like
1:100 chance of getting a sprain.(Slim chance of death)
1:100 chance of getting caught while picking the lock(and getting fined or paying off Shady etc.)
1:500 chance of getting a headache/toothache/stomachache.
1:1000 chance of getting the flu.
1:2000 chance of getting mugged.
1:10000 chance of getting injured during an investigation.
1:20000 chance of getting kidnapped(and a ransom asked based on the amount of experience one has)
1:50000 chance of having to duel with hitmen.
And the jackpot,
1:250000 chance of actually dying in a twist ;).
Obviously I've made all these numbers up arbitrarily, but this would make the game a lot more fun and challenging. New skills would include self defense, yoga for health etc. You could also use your money to buy health insurance, a car or other status symbols to "increase the status of your detective."(presumably with good effect on your suspects)
With these measures, most of us nonsubscribers would find it harder to have any $ left over at the end of the day. Instead of making $400 or $500 a case, and $1600 or so a day with 4 cases, we'd have:
20-50% income tax, 10% sales tax, insurance fees, doctor bills, utility bills, detective license fees, presents/gifts to send around, and of course food, cars, housing and other stuff. (The better diet one chooses, the more healthy and less susceptible to diseases. A stronger body also increases the chance of defeating hitmen etc. Of course, the better diet costs more money, maybe $100/case or something. ) This might make it more challenging at least.

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