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Therapeutic Thai Massage
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Sleuth Sindy
Sleuth Sindy
Pinball Wizard

Jan-24-2007 22:50

Anyone here ever had a therapeutic Thai Massage - also known as The Lazy Man's Yoga? It's an ancient massage technique that incorporates yoga movements, only the masseur manipulates the client into the yoga positions rather than the individual positioning himself. Some of the stretches are incredibly painful looking . . .

The receiver wears loose comfortable clothing and lies on a firm mat or futon on the floor.
The Thai Masseur focuses his work on the 10 Sen lines, which are the main energy channels of the body he starts on the feet to give the receiver a good grounded energetic connection with the earth works up the body applying deep acupressure and passive stretches to the receiver which clears blockages and spreads this foundation.

The Receiver will be moved into various different positions allowing the giver to use his bodyweight effectively. This may include the receiver lying on their side and sitting up for parts of the massage.

Thai Massage is deep and very thorough. A usual massage will last about 2 hours, normally giving sufficient time to work from toe to head. You may feel the effects for days after a massage.

So, next time you're feeling frustrated at Sleuth, look up a Thai masseur in the yellow pages. :)



Jan-25-2007 11:40

I'm about to start a Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage course on the 1st of Feb with a Chinese institute here in Egpyt. Don't know if they have Thai... interesting!

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