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SleuthCon I
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Rhiemma Moon
Rhiemma Moon

Jan-22-2007 04:06

Announcing the First Annual Sleuther's Convention:


Who? You
When? June 15-17, 2007
Where? Best Western Lakeside, Orlando (Kissimmee), FL
What? The cost for attending will be $125. This does not include your room, but does include meals (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner on Saturday and Breakfast on Sunday) and activities. Rooms will be $69.00 per night booked in advance through the hotel. Simply tell the booking agent that you are attending SleuthCon I.


The evening of June 15th will essentially be a chance for people to get checked in and organized. It will also serve as a time for introducing ourselves to each other.

Saturday the 16th will be the main day of activities including a treasure hunt and concluding with a mystery dinner theater. There will be door prizes as well as other prize categories to be announced, such as farthest distance traveled to attend. Sunday will conclude the event with breakfast and gathering in the meeting room to hand out the last prizes and say our farewells.

As the event approaches I will have more detail on activities and prizes. I highly recommend booking early as the rooms will fill fast. Comments and suggestions will be duly noted and possibly used. :)

Hotel info is here:

It is best to call them as you will need to tell them you are attending SleuthCon I to get the reduced rate.

We will have it set up soon to take payments to reserve your spot at the convention. I will update here as soon as I have the particulars.


Rhiemma Moon
Rhiemma Moon

Mar-10-2007 14:53

Sorry Flo, I don't have numbers yet, although I'm sure I will be able to gather that data. I know that many of you would like to know how many are attending. Believe me, if all of you who ask me how many are attending will commit to attending, we will have a huge showing.

Deadline for reservations is May 16th.

Info on the website at this time is subject to change as I am constantly working to update info and I'm trying to make it more affordable for families to attend. Believe me, I understand the limited budget problems.

There are many hotel/motel accomodations in Orlando/Kissimmee. I'm sorry, but I haven't had the time to research them for a cheaper place to stay. :) I recommend doing a google search for the Orlando Chamber of Commerce or visitor's center and looking up motels in that area. If they have a website, they will have costs, etc. listed or at least a phone number that you can call.

I would consider having it in many different places, but I chose the east coast to give the people across the pond a bit closer of a jaunt if they were able to come. I do think moving it around is an interesting option. Perhaps east coast, then central, then west coast and repeat. :)

Rhiemma Moon
Rhiemma Moon

Apr-4-2007 12:18

My apologies for not keeping updates, etc here for a bit. I had a few real life issues to deal with. Hopefully, I will be a little more present here now.

As for updates, things are still looking good, most things are in the final stages of planning.

72 days and counting :D

Eagle Eye Flo
Eagle Eye Flo

Apr-25-2007 22:04

Can we please have an update?

Rhiemma Moon
Rhiemma Moon

Apr-26-2007 15:15

Friday night is check-in, introductions, and social time for those arriving early, 5:pm to 10:pm
Saturday begins at 9:am with the breakfast buffet
10:am to 12:pm will be registration and introductions for those arriving Saturday morning
12:pm to 1:pm Lunch buffet
1:pm to 3:pm Treasure hunt
3:pm to 4:pm Q&A with Ben Ringold
4:pm to 5:pm Interview with a mystery author (still in planning stages)
5:pm to 6:pm Attendees excused to rest/change attire for evening events
6:pm to 9:pm Mystery Dinner Theatre
9:pm to Midnight Social time, music, dancing, costume contest, no host bar

Sunday begins with breakfast buffet at 9:am
10:am to 11:am Door prizes awarded, costume contest winner(s) announced
11:am to Noon Attendees excused to check out
Noon to 1:pm Lunch buffet
1:pm to 2:pm Social time, farewells, suggestions taken for next year, volunteers for helping to organize next years event will be sought.

The End :D

Please remember folks, you need to register your rooms soon as the deadline for getting the event rate is fast approaching. (As is SleuthCon I itself!!! :D ) Currently the deadline is Monday, May 14th. If enough people register, the deadline will be extended to June 1st.

OH! Almost forgot... Mystery Dinner Theatres rather issued a challenge :D A subtle one, but a challenge none the less. I was told that very few people EVER actually solve their mysteries. He added, "But, your people are used to solving mysteries, so I imagine you might do a little better." I don't know about you, but that seems rather like a challenge to me. :D

only a month and a half to go, my sleuthy friends.

Happy Sleuthing!

Old Shoe

Apr-29-2007 02:01

It'll be easy Rhie, especially if you have a tommy gun or moghul scimitar :)

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

May-2-2007 12:46

Also, be sure to remember to pay your registration fee for the actual event (in addition the making your hotel reservation). Very few people have done so as of yet:

You can register here:

I do not yet have up the options for family and child prices, those will be up shortly.

You can buy individual adult tickets for $135.

Looking forward to it.

Carrie Mehome
Carrie Mehome

May-2-2007 17:48

Well I am waiting for you to fix it so we can register more than one person....hehehe I want woody to pay for my ticket! Yes the flight is now booked and hotel is next on my list :)

Rhiemma Moon
Rhiemma Moon

May-3-2007 14:01

that should be fixed very shortly :D

Prices are as follows: children 0-3 are free, 4-11 $90, 12-16 $110, 17 and up is full price.

IF your child will not be participating in ANY part of the event (including meals) then registering the child is not necessary.

Just so you know... The cost of meals for the event is approximately $72, including tax and gratuity, per person. We do not get a price break for children as this cost is based on a minimum of 25 attendees and is paid full regardless. This does not include the breakfast buffet available to all guests of the hotel. For this you will purchase your reduced price Breakfast Buffet 'vouchers' at the time of check in. They will be approx $10 and include beverages, which the standard vouchers do not. (I think they have child prices for the breakfast buffet)

The remainder of your registration fee goes toward paying for the Sleuth Mystery Dinner Show, door prizes, entertainment, and the cost of the meeting room for 2 days.

That's all the updates I have thus far. Please remember that time is getting short. Register today! :D

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

May-4-2007 01:23


Child, Teen and Family Prices are now available, so ya'll are out of excuses! Be sure to get those registrations in so the organizers can plan appropriately.

Thanks everybody.

Tireless Tiger

May-6-2007 17:41

Just booked flight, hotel and paid my registration last night. One last hurdle, get my Saturday shift covered at work. If nobody will work it for me, I just might come down with a sudden illness!!! ;-)

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