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Break in Case of Missing Detective
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Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Jan-20-2007 21:03

The New York Times
All the news that's fit to print

by Breit Katherine Pfeiffer Adams

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Police investigators believe they have discovered the whereabouts of missing detective, Barry Grant. Grant was reported missing three days about by a friend of his, Rebecca Franks. "I was supposed to meet him at Big Lucy's that night but he never showed."

Grant, Global Sleuth Syndicate Ambassador from Shanghai, had been working at the Blue Pagoda Agency on a Good Will mission at the time of his disappearance. "He was becoming a much relied upon detective." Lady jasNmushu, a Director at Blue Pagoda Agency, said of the missing detective.

Police have reason to believe that Grant was abducted by operatives from HYDRA while on his way to Big Lucy's. "I was meeting him at the corner of Eleventh Avenue and 42nd Street that night." recounted a teary-eyed divorcee Mrs. Franks. "He never showed."

Chief Inspector James Mulligan was able to determine the last place Grant was seen. "Cyrus Tibby recalls serving Mr. Grant a Tom Collins around 7 pm that night. After that, Mr. Grant left the premises and that was the last anyone had seen of him."

This reporter secured an interview with the elusive Larry the Toe. "I don't know anything about that." was his response to all my questions.

There was a break in the investigation when a shady character finally stepped forward to reveal he saw a tall man with a hat being forced into a car. This shady character, who prefers to remain anonymous, was unable to make out the license plate number but he recognized the car and the man doing the abducting. "I've seen that happen before. Same guy. Same car."

Policed will not disclose any more details for fear it could put Mr. Grant's life in jeopardy. Chief Inspector Mulligan's final word: "We don't want to lose any more detectives to that fiendish group."



Jan-30-2007 14:36

Nonaddict walks around the corner of the building after hearing that Barry was in the hospital. She walks up to Terra, noticing that she's a bit distraught. She asks Terra, "What happened?"

Terra explains to Nonaddict, then tells her that she's going to talk to the man and woman out here. Nonaddict nods, tells Terra that she's going inside to question Andrea about it.

Nonaddict then turns to go inside.

Upon finding Barry's room, she opens the door and sees Andrea and Barry on the bed. "Hi, Barry. Hi, Andrea," she says, "Andrea, I need to speak with you for a minute. Barry, you don't mind, do you?"

Assistant Postman

Jan-30-2007 15:36

As Terra gets closer to the pair, she realizes that she's met the man before. In both New York and Dehli. But she's never met the woman. She decides to just walk buy with a nod in the man's direction. She doesn't want to interrupt a personal conversation...


Jan-30-2007 16:39

Amanda spoke to the man.
"Wheren't you in Shanghai a few weeks ago? I saw you at the horse paddock. You had a red umbrella and were fighting horses with it. One doesn't see that every day." Amanda laughed. "What was that about anyway? By any chance are you here to see Barry Grant? I read the artical in the newspaper. What happened?"

Pinball Amateur

Jan-30-2007 16:47

Breit rushed in to Barry's room, alerted by the security team about the breach. She found Andrea with Barry, along with a woman she'd never seen before just inside the room. She turned to the newcomer and eyed her coolly, "I'm Dr. Tasker. May I help you with something, Ma'am?"

The woman jumped slightly, startled at Breit's sudden entrance, and swung around hastily, "Oh, yes, I'm here to see Andrea and Barry," she said cheerfully.

Breit cocked an eyebrow at her. "I'm sorry, Ma'am, but you'll have to come back another time. I'm afraid Mr. Grant has had a difficult night, and needs his rest. He's not up to seeing visitors right now. Perhaps when he's been moved down to one of the regular floors from this secured Intensive Care Unit. For now, one of these gentlemen will be happy to show you out. It's nice that you're concerned for Mr. Grant's welfare. Thank you." She crooked a finger at one of the bodyguards standing outside the door and glared icily at him, indicating the woman be taken downstairs to the Lobby.

As Andrea and the woman walked out the door, Breit reached out and gently squeezed Andrea's arm, shaking her head slightly at her startled glance. Outside, Max led the stranger off towards the elevator, and Breit directed a deadly glare to the other bodyguard standing watch over Barry, Leo. "Get another team up here right now. I don't care if they're F.D.R.! No one comes on this floor or in this building without authorization."


Jan-30-2007 17:18

"Excuse me just one minute Brei" - Andrea said - "Let me walk out with her. I will be right back."

Andrea and non got in the elevator and rode down to the lobby accompanied by a silent and vigilant Max.

When they reached the lobby, Andrea walked non to a secured area.

"Please forgive Brei's bursqueness, but Mr. Grant is in a very precarious situation right now" - Andrea told her - "He needs rest and security right now. I will be staying here for a few days."

"I was just..." - non started

"I understand" - Andrea interrupted her - "But I now must get back upstairs. It was good to see you..and very nice of you to be concerned"

Andrea hugged the puzzled woman and rushed back towards the elevators. Max ran to catch up with her.

Pinball Amateur

Jan-30-2007 17:38

Breit turned back to Andrea as she and Max came up, while Leo the bodyguard scurried off. "Now, Andrea, what happened? The guards said there was another breach?"

Andrea nodded, "Yeah, in here. Lemme show you." They went back in Barry's room, where Andrea pointed to the wine bottle and button on the bedside table. "I found these when I came in this morning. They weren't here when I left last night. Someone's been in this room, and no one seems to give a DAMN!" Andrea exclaimed angrily.

Breit laid a hand on her shoulder comfortingly, "It's okay, Andrea. We do give a damn. There's fifty men searching the building right now as we speak. We're doing everything we can to keep Barry and his family and you safe."

She swore lowly as she turned to look around at the room. "Whoever was in here didn't come through the door, or the guards outside would've shot 'im first and raised cain after." She crossed to the window, examining the thick bulletproof glass closely. "They didn't come in this way either. The window's undamaged." She looked around the room, looking for any possible way someone could have gotten in. Finally, she looked up, and noticed the ceiling vent. "Sonofa..." she muttered, then headed for the door again.

Breit ran to the phone at the Nurses' Station and frantically dialed a number. "Lou, it's Breit. I'm at the Hospital. Someone's been in the ductwork. We need Harvey and his crew over here pronto. Thanks." She hung up, and laid her head in her hands on the counter for a minute. Seemed like everyone and their Aunt Mabel was coming out of the woodwork to see Barry. Eventually, she headed back to have a closer look at the things the intruder had left behind.


Jan-30-2007 18:40

Confused as she is, Non went over to Terra, told her, "I didn't get a chance to talk with Andrea." Terra nodded. Then, non noticed that she was in the presence of the man and woman, she didn't recgonize either of them.

"Terra, do you know one of these two?" Non asked.

While waiting for an answer, non looked around and noticed something strange about the location, and the quietness of the area. Even more confused, she had questions, which wouldn't be answered any time soon, nor is she going to ask, yet.

R Anstett
R Anstett

Jan-30-2007 19:32

He looked at the woman, "you are Amanda right? that was a bit of a chase at the racetrack where I was trying to startle the horses to create confusion to stop the person from getting away. It did not work quite the way I thought it would."

"Barry is recovering nicely now, I think he will be out and around shortly."

"How are you doing and have you seen that man I was chasing? He often goes by the name of Jake. "

Pinball Amateur

Jan-30-2007 19:54

Breit came back into Barry's room, pulling out a pair of gloves from her skirt pocket as she came in. Andrea turned around from Barry's bedside as she entered, giving her a searching look. Breit smiled gently at her, "I just called in the exterminators. They'll be here shortly to take care of our pest control problem in the air vents. Now, let's have a look at your presents here."

She picked up the bottle, looking closely for fingerprints, and spotted several smudges, and a couple of complete prints, on the neck of the bottle. The label was Italian, and appeared to be limited-vintage and a good year. Not something one would pick up at the corner shop.

Next, she examined the button. It appeared to be made of jet, with the fleur de lys, eagle, and X all detailed in gold. Breit studied the insignia carefully, then looked up at Andrea and Barry. "This is the emblem of L.H.I.," she exclaimed, "How the hell did one of their people get in here?"

L.H.I.?" Andrea asked, confused, "Who's that?" She came over to study the button too.

"It stands for LIONS Head International. It's a cover for an international law-enforcement information clearinghouse known as the LIONS. They're based just outside of Paris, and the name means the aLliance International pOur la Neutralisation des Saboteurs et criminals. Basically, they assist governments around the world with distributing information about known illegal activity, and work to coordinate efforts to stop it and apprehend felons between the various countries. Apparently, our burglar is one of their guys."

Breit stuck her head out the door again, and spoke to another guard, "Get word to the Admiral that I need to see him. I'll be over in fifteen minutes. Thank you." She stepped back inside the room again.

She had a quick look at the violets, then picked up the bottle and pocketed the button. "Sorry, Barry, but I'm gonna need to borrow these for a bit. I need to go talk to some people about your visitors."

Pinball Amateur

Jan-30-2007 20:01

She smiled at Andrea, "I'll be back in a bit. Feel free to stick around if you like. Dave or Pete will be up in a while to check on your progress, Barry. You two be good now." She winked at the two of them as she closed the door quietly behind her.

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