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Karelek investigations has one opening!
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Jan-16-2007 13:30

Jan-16-2007 13:23

Karelek Investigations is a relatively new, but very fast growing agency based in New York.
We now have one opening for a new or more experienced detective!

What can you expect?
- An active an fun group of detectives to play with
- Help with questions, equipment and shady problems
- Extra cases to play
- Travelcosts to move to New York if needed

What do we expect?
An active player (at least 4 days a week) who enjoys playing and who wants to be part of building the best agency in New York!
And of course someone who is eager to hunt some treasures.

Pleas PM me or our director Izabella Irenka if you are interested or if you have any questions. Or let us know on this message board.



Pinball Amateur

Jul-11-2008 13:54

Boy, you sure are determined, aren't you, Rob?

Like I said before....

I'm sure they'd love to let you in, Robert. One teeny little problem though. Agencies can only let in Subscribed detectives. Karalek's not the only one with that rule, we all have to abide by it, sorry. When you sign up, I'm sure they'll be happy to take you on. ;-)


Jul-15-2008 15:32

Hi Backester..if you have that determination to grow your detective i'm sure i can open one spot for you in Karelek......

and tks Breitkat for your suport...;)


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