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C.J. Sleuth
C.J. Sleuth

Jan-16-2007 01:42

Hallo there!

Please excuse if this is answered somewhere alredady (if so, please direct me there), but what is the politics purpose? Would I be looking to up my reputation with a group and if so why? This leads me to the next question: should I be willing to drop a case if it will negatively influence a group I am looking to impress...?

Thanks in advance for your help.



Jan-16-2007 05:01

Getting a good "rep" with a certain group has advantages: you can buy their equipment at a cheaper price, you can learn the skill that they teach, and you can endevour to be the highest ranking detective in that faction, which gives you a little gift..I can't tell you what that is...

There is more info on factions in the Newbie FAQ page at the bottom of your screen.

Lucky Stiff

Jan-16-2007 07:49

Also, quitting a case that is negative for the faction you are trying to get in good with can be beneficial, as it will up your standing with the negative faction.

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