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Controlling Equipment Theft Part II
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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Sep-11-2004 20:21

So, now that the clerks are in town, deligintly keeping track of all you agency members, I need to move onto actually providing your communal equipment with a little more security.

While I agree that allowing some way of designating some equipment as belonging an agency and adding additional restrictions on those items would be the ideal solution, I don't think I could put in place a workable system like that in less than 4 weeks or so. So, I'm going to consider that as a feature that will be good to add in the future, but probably not right away.

Here's what I propse doing as sort of a temporary measure. I could add a checkbox when checking in equipment that allows you to designate it as "Private". Private equipment could only be checke out by you, or by a director. Alternately, I could make it so that either Officers or Directors could remove a "Private" item that somebody else checked in.

What do you think?

1) Is it a decent idea?

2) Who, besides the person who checked in a private item, should be able to remove it? Officers and up, or just Directors?


Old Shoe

Sep-16-2004 15:09

I don't think the private/public designation would add much to the way we share things now - maybe make it a little more complicated. Once someone is promoted up from rookie, we have to trust them to be considerate - and they usually are - except for when they stop playing (permanently) without checking good stuff back in. Any suggestions for that?

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