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Server Time Reset

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Jan-4-2007 11:18

The server time had gotten quite slow due to some power fluctuations. It's been reset and should be right now.

This means that the daily reset should now be happening at exactly midnight, U.S. Mountain Time (GMT-7).


Ranier Peperhaut
Ranier Peperhaut
Washed Up Punter

Jan-4-2007 13:01

Oooh!! Thanks Ben!!

Very cool. I had gone from 2:00 am all the way to 2:30 am!!
Now I can get to bed a half hour earlier again. =)


Jan-9-2007 04:42

Lol it happend exactly in the day I decided to donate all my 12 cases at the last moment. We didnt understand it... clock was changing too soon (or in time). Now I know..

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