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Exorcising my demon...


Jan-1-2007 15:44

Sorry, it was in my head and wouldn't go away. Read it, don't read it, comment, don't's all good.

I don't have issues....I have subscriptions!



Jan-1-2007 15:44

The Club seemed like a good place to escape the summer heat; fans rotated

slowly, their wide blades circulating the ice-cooled air. Maxine was

singing that night, swaying slowly while she crooned into the mike. It

was the most movement we'd see out of her until it was time for her to

walk backstage. Any more than that, and she'd work up such a sweat that

it would make her unbearable to look at.

Yes, it was a sultry night. And then, in walked a dame that made the

night seem hotter, draped in thin silk that was blood red. The half-veil

attached to her hat was just enough to cover her eyes, just enough to

tease a man into thinking her attention was on him.

Her attention was on me.

She glided over to me, and Benny slid a gin in front of her without a

word exchanged. I don't think he knew her, she just looked like someone

who wanted a gin. She tilted her head at me in greeting, leaned in close,

and said, "You know Joe Farrington?"

I knew Joe Farrington. I knew him well, knew him as well as you know

someone you've known your entire life. I didn't have to answer, I could

see that she knew I knew him. And she probably knew that I knew that she

Knew I knew him.

Yeah, I knew Joe. Knew him like a brother. I told her that, but she just

nodded. She had already known. What she really wanted to know, she said,

was how I happened to know him like a brother. So I told her.

"He's my brother."

I never saw a dame's eyes flicker quite like that. She hadn't known; she

knew Joe, and she knew I knew Joe, so how could she not know that?

Furthermore, I could see that she didn't want me to know that she hadn't

known. But after a moment, I could tell that she knew that I knew that

she didn't know, but I didn't know if she knew that I wouldn't allude to

it. We nodded to each other and she picked up her glass and tossed that

gin back like a pro.


Jan-1-2007 15:45

"Thanks," she purred. "That was what I wanted to know."

Three men fainted when she passed them on her way out the door. I watched

her go, wondering why she had wanted to know.

I guessed I would never know.

Coco Cola
Coco Cola

Jan-1-2007 16:49

I know I had a good laugh.

Old Shoe

Mar-25-2008 07:20

Ahh, that's great Anikka! :D

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