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Wynnie's Bragging Corner


Dec-24-2006 14:00

I have come here to brag about myself.. :) And what am I bragging about??? Well, after a long trail and error I have finally made it to 100K experience points... I know that might not be alot to those who have a million or more but for little ole me it is an achievement i am proud to say i have accomplished..(i like achievable goals!!)

So what small or large achievements do you have to brag about?? tell us all!!


Lucky Stiff

Dec-24-2006 23:53

Its awesome to me :)

you rock girlfriend! I am all about self promotion, and I heart you for getting there

*raises her glass to this milestone and many more to come!*

Con Artist

Dec-25-2006 01:59

Good job girl.

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