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Who thinks slueth should be free?
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Dec-9-2006 12:07

Ok i think you shouldn't have to subcribe to slueth because if your not subscribed you don't get to do any cool stuff like traveling!!!



Feb-14-2007 00:45

I like this game and hope that its around for a long long time but i do agree to a certain degree, there is somethings we can do as an unsubscribed player that many other games would only be available to people with premium accounts but, i think there should be access to more featured mysteries like the old ones or the less liked, this in turn might make more people join.

As for the treasure hunts etc it would be nice if you gave a few premium account out when people reach say 2000 points or something just for a few day's as like a teaser or something, again this might get more people to join.

Lets look at it from someone who has not got the ability to pay for a subscription for what ever reason, like no credit card, pay pal account etc there is very little available in the long run and the game would start to become repetative.

I understand that its not free to run a game which is a shame but i think ifthings could be added to premium accounts that are not here, like advanced cases that would mean suspects been more cleaver pointing fingers at other suspects while trying to hide there own reasons for comitting the crime also for the very experienced of detectives some cases that are timed based, if not solved in say 3 hours or so then the muder escaps and becomes a villan or even an arche enemy of the detective from the case.

This would mean some of the above idea's ie, more featured cases, a chance to go to one or two other cities would be allowed giving none premium account holders a chance to see what he/she would be able to do if they did buy or could buy the premium account for what ever amount of time.

$7 isn't much for 1 month and if i was to buy a premium account i would perhaps buy it for the treasure hunts and villan hunts only not for the featured cases as good as they may seem, so adding a few more of these for free would be better as i doubt 9 out of 10 people join to play them any way.


Feb-14-2007 01:11

Hehehe ran out of room lol.

I play a game that lets none premium members play the game like a premium member can, ok its not a detective game but it is a huge game with thousands of members but this isn't the point, the point is if people like the game they will subscribe just to help pay for the game.

Yes there will still need premium only features but only offering random cases to none premium members is not a good thing and to be honest this is the one thing that does make me think people start looking else where for a similar game.

I'm not starting an arguement here and hope no one thinks any different, but when you look around as a none subscribed player you see the only thing to do is either play the game as it is, subsribe or look else where.

I'm sure if you sent a private message to all the members asking them would they like to see more features been offered to none premium account holders, many would say yes as i stated above not all can afford to pay for it.

In fact most people who do play online games is people who are bellow 16 meaning they can only hope there parents pay for the premium account and coz they play more than one game the chances are they would remain with no premium accounts or would just quit.

Yes had i some people including myself made this game i would be trying to give them some money for there continued work into making the game better whilest trying to pay for the server etc, but if you can design free message boards and websites now with google advertisments then i'm sure there is a way to make this game pay for its self aswell as offering spome extra features to members.

You could for starters have google ads on the message board this would give you alittle more funds also you could add extra features to the game for premium account holders only.

I just hope the game designers give extra feature to none subscribed players even if it means they have to have a certain amount of experience points or skills.

Old Shoe

Feb-14-2007 02:31

Ok a couple a things.
1. Probably no-one has ever signed up just to play featured mysteries.
I disagree with adding more FM's to unsubbed accounts because there aren't alot of them. Only about 20. ALso there are no '
2. You suggested that at 2000 xp you get a free trial. First of all 2000 xp is quite low and can be obtained very quickly thus every Tom Dick and Harry can join an agency and mess it up.
3. I don't have a credit card and I pay. Use the postal service, you're parents pay tax for a reason.
4. Why have google ads?
5.Many of these players are above 20 check the demographics. Many of us (of all ages) have given money to sleuth because we LOVE sleuth and the experience it brings.
<3 Yoyo :P


Feb-14-2007 04:50

1. You get a LOT more for free here than you do at most on-line games
2. The average/mean age of sleuth players is more like 35 than 16
3. If you don't have a credit card, paypal etc, I know several people who have sent checks and cold hard cash via the mail.
4. FMs are a small part of the game. I can't imagine anyone signing up just to play those
5. 2000 xp is peanuts and most people, even unsubed, reached that in NO time.
6. I have NO doubts that most unsubs would LOVE to get more stuff for free, Well guess what, SO WOULD I! I'd love to get more free stuff! Life does NOT work that way.

FINALLY, this game COSTS money to run. Those of us who pay to be here get to do more cool stuff than those of us who don't. If you like it, sub. The price is extremelly reasonable. Walk dogs, mow lawns, babysit, etc and you can send Ben the money in no time. And to top it all off, there are lots of willing subscribers who would be more than happy to send you a coupon for 15% off your sub.


Feb-14-2007 04:52

Well been new to the game i was unaware that there is so few FM and this is coz i have'nt had a premium account yet but i will be upgrading soon enough, i'm just thinking if you really want to get more people to stay there needs to be more for none premium account holders to do.

As for the google ads that was an example you could use anything but seeing that google is the most used of the search engines i used that as the example.:P

What i ment by people not having the ability to pay for premium accounts is people who have very little income etc, i'm sure there's many people who would love to do more things but can't afford to pay for the upgrade every month.

Perhaps 2k points was a little low but it was an example it could be 20k 30k what ever you want, i think giving people a teaser of what they could do if they joined would be better than nothing.

As for the treasure hunts been messed up you could make an agancy that is for the teaser accounts onlymeaning they wouldn't be allowed to join any other agancies.

The arch villains etc you could have a tutorial mission which again means none of them would be able to try to capture any of the real arch villains .

These are only suggestions nothing ment by them and i'm not saying they should be done just i think in order to get people to stay here playing this game you will need to offer more for them to do in some way or even like stated above a teaser premium account at X amount of points, this gives them a goal then.

Now its time for me to start seeing what i can find to improve my own detecive as i made the mistake of getting 3 false accusations meaning i had to get my detecive out of retirement loosing 25% of my EP's.;(

If anyone can point a category or thread i should look at for info on how to improve my chances of becoming a more successful detective then please point it out i'm sure i'll over look something.


Feb-14-2007 04:56

Oh and I almost forgot:
You want subbed players to be subjected to google ads while playing so that those that DON'T pay can get more stuff for free??????

*rolls eyes*

I don't think I can even answer that...


Feb-14-2007 04:58

The Welcome Newbies thread is chock-full of info as is the Newbie FAQ.

Good luck.


Feb-14-2007 05:00

Doh no quote.;(

Lets see if BB Code will work here.:P

[quote]FINALLY, this game COSTS money to run. Those of us who pay to be here get to do more cool stuff than those of us who don't. If you like it, sub. The price is extremelly reasonable. Walk dogs, mow lawns, babysit, etc and you can send Ben the money in no time. And to top it all off, there are lots of willing subscribers who would be more than happy to send you a coupon for 15% off your sub.[/quote]

I don't have a problem myself with the costs just thinking of other people who would find it hard but meh you pointed out some way's they could make that money up lmao.

I will have to read more about these coupons as i had a quick look wasn't that interested in them at the time as i wanted to see if the game was worth playing 1st which it is and as soon as i have explored all there is in the land of free play i will upgrade.:P


Feb-14-2007 05:06

No need to roll your eye's i didn't mean people with PM's (premium accounts) just the ones without.:P

Thanks for pointing the Welcome Newbie and Newbie FAQ out i will check them out.

Story Teller

Feb-14-2007 05:52

LOL S'ok Roy, Andrea has been sooo busy 'batting' her eyes at Barry Grant she occasionally has to 'roll' them just for variety :p

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