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~Sirens call~


Dec-1-2006 08:55

After a week of doubt, wondering if time is coming to Sirens to let the murderers, and others vilians, it seems that the game is calling us back.
Indeed while we had given up the recruitment, one of our fonder member is back, and fresh newbie choose to join us from all the agencies present here.
So if like them you are interrested to join an established agency, motivated to solve cases, and currious about all these thing smartly hidden in Sleuthworld, I've only one thing to tell:
Join Sirens


LuVeLy K
LuVeLy K

Dec-1-2006 23:58

Some additional perks to Sirens:
1. Possibly get to see Markie P model female lingerie.
2. A chance to pick up the doo doo from our hounds, Tintti and Riley.
3. A multi-national cast of characters ready for conversation.

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