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Lucky Stiff

Nov-21-2006 06:16

Hey Everyone!

Serges has been really good about posting AVL updates on the existing thread, but if you're anything like me, you don't always check the stickied threads!

In light of that, I am posting a new thread to tell you to A) check out his new posts and B) tell you to run your little butts over to the AVL site

and sign up TODAY :)

Signing up does NOT mean you are obligated to start a hunt, but it something you definitely want to check out, now that we have some really great new features, message boards, map, etc.

OH YEAH....we also have a daily reason for you to log in :) (and it has nothing to do with doing a hunt)....

Check it out NOW people, this may actually be the greatest thing since sliced bread :)



Nov-30-2006 19:03

(Biggie here)

That's actually true, you will be made fun of behind your back dont have much time left!!!!

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