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A day in the life of...
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Lady Ruby Caplan
Lady Ruby Caplan

Nov-20-2006 11:51

How does your day start? How does it end? And just what happens in all those middle bits?
Do you wake up and groggily log into Sleuth before you've eaten your Bran to keep you regular? Or log into Sleuth before your head hits the pillow?
Do you have a nine to five job or work all night and sleep all day like Drac?
Do you have kids or go to school or have kids in school?
When is your footy practice, your ballet classes and when do you play the piano?
Do you eat three square meals a day or are you more a Pentagonal type of eater?
And just when does you real life get fit around your Sleuth playing.
Now it's your turn to be the star in .....

A day in the life of..............*Drumroll*..........


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jan-26-2007 05:32

The Lady Emerald Devon got off the ship smiling as she saw the other Green Lady.
She remembered her first time in New York, running away from the oppressive grey and rain of England only to see New York all grey and rainy too.

She had only spent a few quiet months in New York but had become quite close to Milton during that time. First, because her expensive shoes broke while walking up and down New York streets looking for a job- her Father had cut her off, she couldn't afford to get new ones that time like she usually would.
Later, she had seen Milton while running footprint samples to him for her boss, a private but quite useless dectective, Big Hardon. It was through him however, that Lady Emerald Devon realised she had found her niche in life and it wasn't long after she had caught the eye of Dionne Dawson, a renowned detective from Starsky and Hutch of Shanghai.

Leaving New York and a tearful Milton, Lady Emerald Devon immigrated to Shanghai where history was made.

Now, she was back in New York. So much had happened. After a run in with the evil Medea, a plastic surgeon who used scissors and whiskey, her best friend Lady Ruby Caplan and her lover, Blueberrry Hill's lives were threatened. After an elabarate faked death senario, the heat was soon off.

Today, she had arrived back in New York, and Medea would be hers this time.

Lady Emerald Devon walked the familar streets back to the Shoeshop.. nothing had seemed to changed.

"Milton?" she called out hestitantly. She didn't want to barge in the back like she used too, after all, Milton did think she was dead.

"What?" he snapped coming out wiping his hands.
He stared for a second, then broke out in a grin. "Leddie, you old tart! I knew you were alive."

"Old tart?" she laughed as her and Milton hugged each other tightly. "I've missed you," she said.

"Yeah, I saw that Ruby sometimes, nice gal, Devon, but not quite the old tart you are."

"How 'bout we pick up Manfred on the way to Cyrus, Milton? Have a few whiskeys to celebrate my arrival back and Medea's impending doom?"

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jan-26-2007 05:33

Lady Emerald Devon and Milton linked arms and walked down the streets of New York together. That night, her, Manfred and Milton celebrated to the early hours before heading off to Big Lucy's.
Somehow, that night, Shady was seen mysteriously tied to a frozen lampost and naked.

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